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Phone Lines are up !!!!

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this very difficult time.

September 10th


Another update...... Melissa and i have been in Port A the last few days clearing out the bottom floor of our house and the office. The storm surge really made a mess of things in this part of town.

The power is on to almost everywhere, the water is drinkable, 2 gas stations are selling gas (cash only due to no network credit card machine communications) , roads are even cleaner now so minimal risk of punctured tires, Ferry boats are running again with a limited service. Cleanup is ongoing of course and its the huge piles of storm damaged 'stuff' piled high outside every home and business that really remind you of the scale of this thing. Once those piles start to vanish the Island underneath will start to show through again 

We are going to have more properties up for rental again as soon as the next few days, Casa Verde is ready to go now !

Watch this space......



September 3rd

I spent the last 2 days in Port Aransas cleaning up and the number of people there helping is amazing, so many people driving and even walking around the streets offering assistance, food, water and supplies to those in need.

The water has been turned back on (not drinkable yet) and there are reports that some areas are already getting power, AEP has officially pushed back the switch on date to the 8th September though.

Some of the owners of the Properties we manage have contacted us to let us know that once the power does come back online their places will be pretty much ready to go and we can rent them 

Its really not that long since the Hurricane hit and things are starting to look better in Town, i'm seeing so many posts on social media that Port Aransas is ' Completely Devastated' and while there is a huge amount of damage its far from complete devastation. Don't believe everything you read !

Shorty's is open, the oldest bar in town it cant be that bad can it ?


August 30th

The cleanup has begun in Port Aransas, i have spent the last 2 days there and there are hundreds if not thousands of volunteers, contractors, power repair people, law enforcement etc etc all actively working to bring back some sort of normality to the Town. 
Some areas and properties faired better than others, our house had roughly 4 feet of water inside, some houses saw little water but had more wind damage.
My opinion, and hope, is that with the amount of people working to restore what is essentially quite a small town it will move quickly and we will see tourism return sooner rather than later - the Beach is still there after all, and i'm sure you feel just like we do, we cant wait to feel the sand under our toes again.

We hope to have the phone lines back up in the next couple of days and have set up a temporary office where we evacuated to.

More updates soon, and a thank you again to all the wonderful people that have wished us well over the past few days.




You will have most likely seen pictures and video of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey to Port Aransas by now and most of them show the worst hit parts of the Town. We thought we would share with you some pictures of Properties we manage that seemed to have faired pretty well considering.

The picture above is 'Sunny Hill' on Avenue G and is only 100 yards from the Beach. The Beachcomber Motel can be seen off to the right in the picture.

This shows part of the famous 'Pod House' in the old part of Town, this part of Port Aransas seems to have sustained a lot of damage but it's by no means everywhere.

We are still scanning all the pictures and videos just like many of you are in the hope of catching a glimpse of something to lift our spirits. Your sleepy little fishing town of Port Aransas seems to have stood up pretty well to the horrific winds unleashed upon it by Hurricane Harvey and we are confident it will be back on its feet again stronger than ever.

And, most importantly, stay safe wherever you are.

Melissa and Julian


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We hope to post pictures and updates on our Facebook page regarding Hurricane Harvey.



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Beachcomber Vacation Rentals have 25 Pet Friendly Properties.


Beachcomber Vacation Rentals try to offer as many pet friendly properties in Port Aransas as possible. At last count we offer 18 properties that allow well behaved Dogs to stay and we hope to bring more on board as we grow. We have just become proud owners of a Golden Retriever and as pet owners we know how hard it can be to find somewhere nice to stay when you have a dog.

Port Aransas is located on the Northern tip of Mustang Island on the beautiful Texas Gulf Coast and is the perfect location for your next Vacation. Once a sleepy fishing town Port Aransas has grown into a vibrant and colorful favorite destination for thousands of visitors each year but still manages to retain the charm and friendliness that made it famous the world over.

These are just a few of the many reasons to make Port Aransas the destination for your next vacation. Click on the Local Info link on our menu to read about lots more.





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